What an Inspiration


First of all I usually don’t do something like his but I want to give kuddos for an influential Christian band I enjoy alot- Hillsong Church. Before I started listening to Hillsong back in 2010 I will admit my Christian MP3 library was kind of dismal and uninspiring. A lot mainstream Christian songs got too popie for me. And I hate to say it but there really wasn’t a lot of good influential Christina artist (besides Jars of Clay and Newsboys who were brought to my attention as good). Hillsong has revolutionized worship in contemporary churches and their praise and worship songs have been song by all churches all over the world. Although I think they are a great blueprint I also think many churches should also foster and incubate originality and not negate their own individual calling on Worship as a body for themselves. I will say I don’t agree with their theology whatsoever- I believe they are going off into the deep end with bad people like Joel Olsteen and Steven Furtick who are not orthodox bible preachers and have more of a “Word of Faith” movement and they need to be careful not too buy too much in that. But I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water. So  I am looking forward to their new album scheduled for release next week and hope they keep putting out what God has called them to do.

Here’s a great preview of their new song. Listening to it now as I type this. I hope it blesses you!

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